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The Journey

To fill the emptiness, I once never thought to replace it with my love. Years of draining my own physical and emotional well-being - overusing my physical body, not stopping to rest. A form of self-abuse.


World events of the last few days have left me with a deep, deep compassion for all sides. Those whose hearts and minds are so filled with fear, they are willing to eradicate each other to make the pain less. Do they not see their fear? Fear turns inward to many things, hate, violence toward others, and self.


Where are our leaders? Who will speak of compassion and the need to listen to each other? Can we not find a path that respects and honors all viewpoints? A path of no harm where love nurtures and grows? Where is the wisdom of thousands of years of humanity? Why has it been buried in so much fear? The more invisible we feel, the louder we get and the more insistent the voices in our heads. We've done it to ourselves. Through fears held deep within, generation to generation.


May the Goddess Weave of Love repair and free us.


@ Theresa

October 10, 2003

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