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Why Do We Say Love is Everything?

Love is everything. Why do we say that? What else will fulfill you? Have you not tried all manner of things and events that do not truly make you happy for a long period of time? How fast do you lose the feeling of being truly satisfied? For many, it is a lifelong journey back to love. This is a love that you felt before you were born but forgot. Part of your journey is a remembrance and return to love. So much hurt is on the earth. Look at what you're doing to each other. Do you not know you are all connected? If you heard, another would only hurt you 2, so many have forgotten this. It is time for all to decide what they stand for and to whom will they stand with?


What are your principles? What is the legacy you wish to leave? Ponder this, all need your love, including you.


@ Mother Teresa, as channeled by Theresa

January 18, 2024

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