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A Great Shift is Happening

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Good evening dear ones. I am reminded of times long ago when we sat with each other and talked about life and love and the Father. How blessed we felt in those times. Love was everywhere. In our hearts and minds. To be shared with all. That was the true basis of our teachings back then that love is everything. It was hard to change anyone’s mind then for the indoctrination and control was so strong in many.

You see how it has taken thousands of years to change on the Earth. But all is changing now for the first time in Earth’s history. Can you feel it? Can you see it yet? Many of you can. It is lighter and more are awakening to the love within themselves. First with and for yourself and then for others. It is really not hard once you understand what love is and what you truly are. Look for other signs that the truth is emerging. You will see it in old structures breaking down to reveal what was once underneath. You will see it in people’s actions and words that they write. You will see it in the kindness of their eyes. Look for it in the animals too and all life around you.

The great shift is among you. Take heart and be the light that you are in all things you do. Take time to stop and enjoy all that you have and will have. You have a Creators love that will fill you so that you want for nothing more. Ask for it. It is your birthright and yours for the accepting of it. Feel my love for you also for I am here to awaken the love within you. Let your joy and laughter out. No need for such seriousness. Do not let the outer world events dampen your spirit and sense of well-being for it is not the truth of what is actually happening.

Take time to find fun in life. That can only be found in your stillness and your breath. It does not take much time to stop for a moment to breath and reflect on what gifts you have been given. Focus on the positive and watch as events change around you. Feel the lightness of your body and spirit as you sail through your day. You might find yourself humming or singing.

I bid you well-being until next time. Be love and know that you are so loved by all.

Mary Magdalene, as channeled by Theresa

Copyright 2020

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