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Image by Jarred Decker

Welcome to myReawakening to Self Blogsite

remembering our light and love

Theresa Hebert

I came to help awaken our love in this Great Shift in Consciousness. Reaching deep inside ourselves, we will remember the love that brings us together as one, ushering in solutions needed for this time. We are connected with all life, seen and unseen, inseparable from each other and Mother Earth. Let's not be afraid to showcase all aspects of the diversity we each carry, which must be respected and nurtured to bring forth benefits for all.

Many words are used to express our Divine nature, but know this: you are love. Bring that love out and share it with the Earth, all her inhabitants and environments. Be mindful to do no harm with your thoughts, words, and actions, with yourself and others, and with all forms of life.  For love is the only solution to what troubles us and keeps us apart.

I am privileged to share these messages from Mary Magdalene and Mother Teresa during the 2020-2021 pandemic and, after some time off, to share more recent posts from 2023 to the present. Please read with an open mind and heart.

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