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Everything is Here for a Reason

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Stop and think why is everything the way it is? All is of divine origin and on Earth for a purpose. Just like you are. This is a time of reflection. Appreciate this time as a gift to yourself to stop and consider what you have not taken time to think about before and that is why does everything exist? Perhaps for the same reason you do which is to experience life, to find the love that exists in everything, within all that you see on this beautiful planet Earth. Treasure your sacred Mother Earth/Gaia for you all need each other to expand and evolve.

Life is a series of transitions. Lessons learned and new journeys beginning. Have you really stopped to realize how wondrous this is? Look around you and see the beauty that exists in all. Do not tarnish this beauty with harsh thoughts and words and actions toward self and others and the land upon which you live and depend. You must find the gifts offered in any moment regardless of appearances in the outer world. Do not fear. Go within and all rights itself. Find your balance. You have a higher self who loves and guides you in all moments. Listen to the wisdom you all carry. Expand the love you all have. Listen to the beauty of your heart for it knows the path home. 

I bless you in light and love. Be well.

Thoughts from Theresa

Copyright 2020

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