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Seeing the Beauty Around You

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Oh, what a beautiful planet the Earth is. Look around you and focus on the beauty. See your surroundings differently. Do you know when you can slow down and sit quietly that you see what actually is? Do you see the colors differently? Are you aware of the shift taking place for all of us? Stop and see. It will bring more peace and joy into you.

This has been a year of great change for all. Can you see any gifts in it? Do you know that all experiences teach you something? Some powerful and some painful and some in joy and great love that expands your heart. Many experiences we choose before we are born and how we think and act through these events is what causes great learnings. Taking time to think before we react will be of great benefit.

For so long Earth has been a place of warriors. Now it's time to bring in the love. Start by stilling the mind and healing your deepest fears and pains. Have you noticed this year is about taking care of yourself and getting back to having time to heal all aspects of you? When you are too task oriented there is not time for reflection and healing. The more you can help yourself to heal the more the impact, it is a ripple effect on others. So, it is important to focus on you. Then you have the needed energy to help others. Helping others is being of service but you must know to be of service to yourself first.

Thoughts from Theresa & Mother Teresa Channel, Oct 9, 2020

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