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Caring for Others is Goddess Work

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Caring for others is as important as caring for ourselves. Can we not stop the war within and settle long enough to find the peace within? Why are we here on Earth now? Is it not to open our hearts to this great shift in consciousness we are in? Only love brings lasting change. Have we learned that yet? Why do we fight against abuse and brutality with more violence? Lay down that sword and let love come forth. Do we not all crave more love not less?

Many are suffering now because of the pandemic but let us not forget that many are also lacking adequate food, particularly our children. We must not just feed ourselves but all who are in need for there are ample resources to do so. Take action to help. No action is too small. Help one or help many. Here is just one example of what we have chosen to do through Washington Food Fund:

Reach out to those in need and let all see the true spirituality of love in action. As the Divine Goddess re-emerges within, you are love itself. Healing starts with one heart at a time. Choose love. Start now. Reach out. No gift is too small whether monetary or through a small act of kindness in helping another.

Thoughts from Theresa

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