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Holding Love

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

What does it mean to be in service and how do you help all the chaos that you see around you? It means to be still and aware within yourself. Do you know the more still that you can become and the more that you can hold the love within yourself the more that you are of service? Not only to yourself but to all for it has a ripple effect you see, and it is beautiful to watch. So, remember in your thoughts words and actions to hold the love, and to be still and quiet enough before you have those thoughts words and actions to be in this state of love.

Put only good out into your world and you will only need to work on you for it will spread more than you can imagine. Imagine what it would be like if many of you begin to hold this love inside yourself and that you show only love to the outer world. Your world would change overnight. That is where you're headed.

There is much love to learn inside yourself and with others so start today and think about what it means to be of service and what does it mean to hold the love. The two go hand in hand. That's what you must realize and what you must work toward and what you must be, so be what you want to be. Be what you want to see. Be what you want to see, and others and the world will become as you want it to be.

Thoughts from Theresa & Mother Teresa Channel, Nov 11, 2020

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