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Find Your Path Within

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Today is about transition. What do we mean by transition? For some it is more visible as their life has changed in many visible ways. For others it is a way of thinking about their lives. There is a realization by many that life is changing all around them. This takes us out of a comfort zone we have lived in for so long. But has your comfort been fulfilling to you or is it just what has become known and familiar to you? Many long for change, for life to be easier and for their lives to take on more meaning.

In order for your life to have more meaning it is for you to look at yourself and begin to recognize who you are and start loving you. The more love you bring in the more your vibration rises and that affects everything around you. We speak of truth and understanding but what is truth and how do you live in this? It must start with love and the realization and accepting that each of us is divine by nature and love is our natural state. Think of what all can be solved in the name of love. Has war solved anything yet? What do you long for most? Is it peace, joy, love, etc.? How is that achieved? What is the secret to a happy life on earth? How do you find your joy? Is it not through love? When you love yourself enough to heal from your journey you free yourself. From this comes a greater truth of who you are and what you are here to master which is love. Love is who you are.

There is so much beauty to behold in all life and the Earth herself. But it must start with you. How would you know of it otherwise? How can you share without the true experience of it? So powerful and life changing. Love is the language of the universes. It carries a vibration unmatched. Think about what it means to love yourself. Start today.

Mother Teresa Channel Oct 11, 2020

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