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The Birth of Fear

Your world is born of hate. An unnatural state for you are of divine origin. Love is where you came from and where you will return. Do not hate. Hate is born of fear. Where does your fear come from? Hate is born of fear when your light is hidden by abuse, anger, shame, and many other experiences. The dimming of your light comes in part from your choice of experiences on the Earth plane and the control by others wishing to hold your power. Be informed about your power. Do not give it away any longer. For now, it's time to awaken to your divine nature. The return of your Goddess Light is awakening to create a new world, one based in love. Imagine living in love, where no judgment exists, and equality is given to all.


What does love look like in your world? Your inner world? Have you been to your inner world where your answers lie?


Now is the time to awaken to your true self. Your identity is that of divine origin. All come from the Creator's light. All are equal. All are loved, regardless of actions taken on the Earth journey. Awaken and believe you are unconditional love experiencing life on Earth. To aid your soul, remember the beacon of light that you are. Do not hate anyone or anything. Look inward to find what fears cause hate.


@ Mary Magdalene, as channeled by Theresa

March 10, 2023

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