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Helping Others

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

What a pleasure life is. Can you see it? Feel it? Like a whirlwind it is. Many do not see life this way. You must stop and be still to notice life. How life really is underneath all the hustle and bustle. For in my time on Earth life was busy and moving fast all around us. Crowded and alive with life's sorrows and joys. But always you can go within to find the quiet, the peace of life. So easy to take on the sorrows of others in a way that consumes you. Do not do this. For although each has our own path to take, we come together in compassion and joy and service which does not have to make us incapacitated or ill because we are among the suffering.

Many did not understand this of my life. They thought I sacrificed myself for others, but I did not. I came to serve the many, the unwanted and unloved. It was my greatest joy to be there for them. It filled my heart. It filled my soul. We taught love. Love knows not rich nor poor, it has no eyes for this distinction nor well or sickness. All needed help. Many supported us. As always there were rules to follow but we obeyed and served those in need of our services. There was little we needed of physical things for we existed in a different place than many. This allowed us to work tirelessly and without need for recognition.

When you do not worry who gets what that is when you do your best work - the Lord's work. It is why we came. Many are now doing this work to help each other through the pandemic on Earth. You are all learning to be of service and to be stronger than you ever knew you could. When you exist in the moment all is clear what must be done to save things and each other. Love is coming to many through the realization of what is truly important. The Earth has many resources, plenty to help all. Share with and serve each other. That is what I say to you this day. In loving service.

Mother Teresa Channel Sep 21, 2020

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