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Letting Go of Fear and Judgment

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Life has many mysteries. Many seek to discover these truths. What is truth? Is it not held within each of us and unfolds as we are ready to hear with not just our ears but with an inner knowing? We all have a journey to truth that opens when fear and judgment leave. As we gain this wisdom many doors open to our awareness of life. We came to learn, love, be joyful, sing, dance and celebrate all that we are. Many on Earth are here to teach in ways we do not collectively recognize. Do not pass judgment or place blame on any for you know not their journey or purpose for being here. Love when carried in your heart will alleviate pain and suffering you see in the world. It is only love that will set the collective of Earth free. Stop and think of what you do before taking action. What purpose will your action serve? Is it for benefit or to further harm or incite? Find the path you must take within and you will not be so quick to act when not in love. Ponder these, my words, today.

Mother Teresa Channel Sep 26, 2020

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