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Recognizing Our Oneness

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We have spoken of love lately but there are many other things to share. Loving yourself is very important right now but let me speak of truth. What is it? My truth may not be yours for each is on a journey toward truth. It depends on where you stand. There is never a need to argue or defend your truth. It just is. As we each age our soul and our physical bodies we gain or discover new truths. That is the design of it. We each get to discover truth for ourselves.

I would tell you this about truth. Use your own intuition or sixth sense as some call it. How does it seem to you? Can you relate to it? Can you hear your guides and their wisdom?

As we move more into the new dimension many of you are awakening to new ideas and thoughts. Some may seem strange or out of place for you, but I assure you this is how it works. It nudges you to consider new ideas and learnings.

To evolve we must be open to all ideas and options without harsh words and actions toward each other. We can see the ineffectiveness of this way by looking at our history and some current actions that fight change. But it is time to know and step into the truth of your true selves. You are all beautiful light particles of the one Creator.

We must recognize our oneness and stop the disharmony that our thoughts, words, and actions create. Many are recognizing this need to transition to a more love-based culture. This year has been an example of why we need to find what really matters to us and what we value and what we need to let go of. Without love there is no change or equality among us.

We must find our heart so that compassion can be felt toward ourselves and others. Be the love you want to see in the world is a beautiful set of words uttered over many years now. Take them to heart and stop the urge to speak ill of yourself and others. Think before you speak and act. Is it based in love or fear? Search your heart for the answer. It will not steer you wrong. Remember that anything can change if you desire it, but you must take action to implement now how you want things to be. In the times ahead you will discover more about love and how it can affect you as you open your heart and operate from this place of love. Everything about you will change. Peace and Love go together.

Thoughts from Theresa & Mother Teresa Channel, Oct 29 2020

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