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Everything You Do Matters

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The Earth is alive with consciousness. Everything you do has an impact on the consciousness of the planet. Do you act out of love and respect with harm to none or do you act as the warrior who must win at any cost? It all matters. The thoughts you have toward yourself and others, the words you utter about yourself and others, and the actions you take.

It is a choice you make every second you exist on this planet. Choose wisely your legacy and what you tell yourself and teach others about love for love is the only solution out of the chaos and pain and oppression we see in the world. Everyone and every life form matter. We are all equal and of the Creator’s Light. One Light. One Universal Family.

Time to awaken to who you really are, a being of Love and Light. Let our actions and differences not result in greed, destruction and disrespect of all life sharing space on this Sacred Mother Earth. She is Goddess Gaia who holds the love and is the Guardian for Earth so that we may exist here incarnation after incarnation as we evolve in wisdom and love.

We are in the Great Shift of Consciousness. We must let love be our compass. Destruction is not an option any longer. We are responsible for all that happens now. Let love be our legacy not hate and violence.

Thoughts from Theresa, Nov 4, 2020

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