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Love - The Wondrous Gift

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

“Love on Earth Begins at Home. Whatever you do, do it with love. Don't do it for your ego or to please mankind. Do it with love and for love." Mother Teresa

Love is needed for all. What else can solve any dilemma you may be in. What a wondrous gift love is. One to give yourself first and then to others. Love is compassion in action. Love is joy in action. Any emotion you can think of that feeds the soul is love in action.

Times are heavy on Earth. So much is changing. Some lives will never be as before. A sense of loss hangs over many and it seems no comfort is possible. But I tell you that times will change for the better and love will return to those hearts who are in great stress. Take care of each other. Small acts carry great meaning right now. Love is what carries us through any crisis. Reach inside of yourselves and touch the strength that exists in you. That is your birthright as well as love. There is a reservoir inside that knows no limits. Sit quietly to find it. You are stronger than you know. Listen to your guides and Angels every day. Ask them to help you with whatever you need. They wait to be of service which you must ask for as we may not interfere unless you ask.

Mother Teresa Channel Sep 14, 2020

Thoughts from Theresa: Listen for the guidance that is with you every day. It is your inner direction and next steps when you don't know what to do. You are loved and so many are waiting here to help you on your journey. Give yourself all the love you can and let it flow to others. That is true healing.

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