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Slow Down to Not Miss Out

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Stop. Slow down. Breathe. Have patience with everything and everyone around you. And yourself. This is hard for you to do because you have been taught that you must be in action to be successful, that you are not working hard enough if you do not move fast and accomplish many things.

Can you feel the untruth of this? How does it feel in your heart? Are you exhausted yet? Slow down so that you do not miss the enjoyment of the present and the messages and learnings that are yours to discover in every moment. This is also how you hear your inner voice. Relax your body. Breathe. It only takes seconds to connect. Find this space where time stands still, and you will know the truth of which I speak.

Mary Magdalene, as channeled by Theresa

Copyright 2020

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