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A Being of Love – A First Step to Change

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Love is All You Need

How do you live in all the chaos of today, maintain sanity, and still raise your spiritual vibration? Here is what I know. Live in your heart space. What does that mean? What exactly does it mean to go from thinking in your mind versus your heart and why would you want to do this? The mind likes to overthink and analyze and judge everything at lightning speed. But the heart, with its’ own mind, comes from a whole different perspective, which is unconditional love. Gone is the judgement and harsh thinking and over analyzing, even though you may not like someone’s behavior or actions. Take everything into your heart space and feel vs. think the difference. You will get a whole new direction of thought. Joy and peace are always found within no matter what is happening in the outer world.

Why is unconditional love so important? Do you know that absolutely everything on the Earth is energy (your body, thoughts, feelings, words and actions, etc.) and that energy can never be destroyed, but only transmuted by love? It is true, and only love can transmute the negative energy that circles the Earth, put there over eons of time by our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. When we create harsh and judgmental thoughts, feeling, words, and actions about ourselves and others into the universe it stays there until it is transmuted in love. Can you just image what must be circling the planet right now?

Think about this in the context, also, of what one person can do to make a difference. Start with yourself and be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions toward yourself. Consciously choose to do this. Love is only released through loving thoughts of self and others without any judgement as to one’s actions. It means becoming aware of and breaking old habits of thought and speech. Start by becoming aware of how you think and speak about yourself and others. Is it positive or negative? Do you think thoughts and speak words of understanding and compassion or do you compare, judge and find fault? All change starts with awareness. When you truly start to respect and love yourself as the Divine Being of Love that you are, the judgement of others and situations starts to disappear. It transforms into something else, i.e., a recognition and respect for each of us as Divine Beings, who are only here to learn about ourselves, experience a life we have chosen, and walk each other home.

There is so much love in this world. Hidden in each heart. Waiting. Waiting to be released for the benefit of all. You are a Being of Love through every thought you have, every word you speak and every action you take. Love becomes the solution to a chaotic and frightful world, and it must start with you, from within. You are a Divine Being worthy of unconditional love. This knowing brings forth an awareness of your true self which is a state of unconditional love. You must know this and love the perfection of you (and others) just as you are. Accept and embrace this knowing. When you love yourself first, then you can love others and all life.

This is how you effect change one person at a time. Start with you and watch for the ripple effect this has around you. See and feel love in action.

Love & Blessings!

Theresa Hebert

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