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Laughter is Also Light

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Light contains the All. Laughter (joy) is part of your Light. Do not be afraid to laugh and have fun. This is needed here on the Earth right now. Your outer world seems in chaos. So much is happening. What has been for so long is changing. You have asked for this, but you do not remember.

Laughter cleanses the soul. It is heard through the universes, part of the universal language of love. Words are not the only language. Can you remember when the heart was the only communicator?

Do not let the seriousness of the outer world take away your laughter and joy. Let your laughter out dear ones for this too is your choice in every moment. This is what we mean when we say you are of the world but not in it.

Go inside. Find the laughter and joy that reside within for this relaxes the mental mind and physical body and brings together all parts of you. Now is the time for you to bring forth your mastery in balance of all four parts of you, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Come forth in joy and laughter for this begins the dance.

Your world resides within where all exists in the Light. We wait in this place of joy for you. Come laugh with us.

Mary Magdalene, as channeled by Theresa

Copyright 2020

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