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Let Everything Be

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Yes, you have a song for this. Let It Be. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Beautiful words. Take them to heart for now your need is great and the time is here. Let everything be. Accept your differences. Rejoice in them. Do not war over them for we all come from love.

I tell you often that wisdom is love. You must understand love and who you are. Without this you cannot be your true selves and that would be a great sadness and loss to the planet for you each make a difference through the uniqueness that is you and it starts with self-love. From this you expand into your heart, the space of all acceptance.

Remember this in your thoughts, words and actions for this shall be your solution. Love is the only answer.

Mary Magdalene, as channeled by Theresa

Copyright 2020

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