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Love is a Whirlwind

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

As I write about love a picture comes to mind. Love is like a whirlwind. Ever there to remind us of our true selves. We are action. We are passion. We are love. We are many emotions in the whirlwind of life. Be the center where calm and peace reside. Love lives in the center as a balance to all things and events. 

Love is all there is wherever you are in the universes. It holds all together in a magical dance. Feel the peace of it. Feel the joy within. Let your love pour out as bright as a million stars for all to see. It is what you came to do. It is who you are. Shine. Shine. Shine!

Let my words flow through you for you are flexible. Love in motion. Ever moving and expanding to a greater awareness in each moment. This is true joy. Feel the laughter that bubbles up as you rejoice in the knowing of who you are. Freedom is yours dear ones. Claim it now.

Thoughts from Theresa & Magdalene channel

Copyright 2020

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