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Speaking from Your Core Essence

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

You must know dear ones that you live many lifetimes within the universes. For this is the way for many. Not all choose to incarnate into a life form. But today we speak of those who do.  We come to experience all that is. We learn. We expand in our awareness of self and others. We create and experience all emotions. No right. No wrong. Just experiences of the soul.

Every lifetime has a higher self that resides within what I will call our core being for purposes of explanation. This is the place for all that we experience. We accumulate vast experiences which age our soul, and from this comes growth, expansion, knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom flows love. From love all things are possible. The abundance of life springs from love and it will flow to you when you live as the Being of Love that you are!

Thoughts from Theresa & Mary Magdalene Channel

Copyright 2020

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