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We are Beings of Love - Do You Believe?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We are all Divine Beings of love. Each one of us. No matter what we have done or are doing. No mistakes. No right or wrong. No judgment. No blame. Just experiences. Experiences that age the soul are done in love.


Do you believe you are love? Just look at a newborn baby or young child. Do you not see and feel the love that pours forth from both of you? Look at your pets. Do you not feel the love they have for you and you for them?

You are Divine Love. Both masculine and feminine. Love creates a balance of both. Think with your heart’s mind which is Love. Slow down the mental mind to do this. Experience the changes that will happen for you and around you as you experience life as a Being of Love for this is what you came to experience with all four parts of your body, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Be kind and loving to yourself so that you can fully feel yourself as love. Get to know yourself through the eyes of love. Accept your perfection. Accept your birthright of love. You are love. Be it. Share the gift that is you for you are unique and you came here to remember this and to share. 

Love is all around. It is the space between everything. It is the choice in every moment. It is remembrance. It is passion in action. It is all there is.


Thoughts from Theresa & Mary Magdalene Channel

Copyright 2020

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