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You are the Wisdom of Your Experiences

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Foremost you are a Divine Being of Love. Put with that all the experiences of your lifetimes on and off planet and your times between lifetimes in form and that is the makeup of your core essence.

This is wisdom gained through experiences we call the aging of your soul. Remember there is no right and no wrong and that all experience ages your soul. Each experience has a gift for you to discover. Again, we ask you to remember you came for this. You help the planet as you do this for this is collective wisdom. You must learn to balance all four parts of your body. This is the mastery of 2020. Love in action and respect for the consciousness of all life. All are worthy.

Love is the gain. Being on the Earth plane causes learning at a more rapid pace and creates space to bring forth your mastery. This is why you must not be in judgement of another, including yourself for we are all here for the experiences we have chosen for ourselves. And those experiences vary greatly between you. All experience ultimately leads you within.

You are all you know yourself to be and more! Take all of this to heart for your mastery lies within.

Thoughts from Theresa & Mary Magdalene channel

Copyright 2020

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