Alchemy of the Goddesses

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Alchemy of the Goddesses was formed to help all who would like assistance on their soul’s journey. As an example, we offer a place for healings, private readings, teachings and classes, that help you heal from current and past events and traumas. We share our remembrances of many lifetimes and bring forth the ancient knowledge and wisdom of self-love, a belief that our Creator Force (any name that resonates with you) works in tandem with our Earth Mother (Gaia) and that all life is one. We teach spirituality which is love, and help you with the tools available on how to live an enlightened, loving, and joyful life.

We also have available items such as books, healing crystals, oils, sages, lavenders, incense, 5th dimensional cards, information, and much more to assist you in reaching your full Divine potential.


If this is your interest, we welcome you and are honored to share this journey with you!


Appointments available. Please contact us to schedule. 

Please feel free to contact us for anything you need.


About Us

Kahu Brieanne

Brie works with all in a state of unconditional love.  She is guided by Beings of Light to help you walk your Soul's journey.  Because of her lifetime of study, many transformations, and traveling between worlds and dimensions, she is able to remember, gather, and weave together information and healing.


She brings forth the healing energies of the ancient Lemurians, Mother Mary and Master Jesus to heal others.  Taking two years to master, she brings forth a new trademarked healing modality, Breath of Life Energy, to others from the Christ Consciousness through light language.

Visit her website to learn more:

Theresa Hebert

Theresa is a certified instructor in the trademarked healing modality Breath of Life Energy, and a certified practitioner of Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healing, and Goddess Light Crystal Healing.  She is a retired aerospace executive embarking on a second career of enhancing her healingabilities in service to all.

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