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Alchemy of the Goddesses

weaving the Pacific Northwest Lemurian energy

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Theresa Hebert

I came to be of service, to share unconditional love, what I know, and to light the way.  For all of us, it is about the journey from fear to love. We must all do the journey for that is why we are here, and there are no shortcuts.  Since none of us came with a handbook, we must learn and act from our own inner knowing along with help we receive from our Guides (and other unseen Forces of Light), and each other. 


I am privileged to be part of a team learning and sharing communications, healings, and teachings of the ancient knowledge and wisdom helping us to navigate through this Great Shift in Consciousness.  All life is part of the Oneness and sacred.  We share messages about the true spirituality of love and respect for ourselves and others, and as planetary workers for Mother Earth/Goddess Gaia for the privilege to exist on the Earth Plane.  We offer this 'new' information, a remembrance of information long forgotten, and offer healing modalities for all four parts of your body - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - to help both you and the planet rise in consciousness.


If your journey is your passion, we welcome you and are honored to work with you!

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