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Alchemy of the Goddesses

Working together in compassion and love, we share our knowledge, wisdom and healing techniques for others to learn from and heal.  Like the branches of a tree, universal knowledge, insight and wisdom is weaved together to teach others.

love is the journey

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Theresa Hebert

I came to be of service, to share unconditional love, what I know, and to light the way.  For all of us, it is about the journey from fear to love. We must all do the journey for that is why we are here, and there are no shortcuts.  Since none of us came with a handbook, we must learn and act from our own inner knowing along with help we receive from our Guides (and other unseen Forces of Light), and each other. 


I am privileged to be part of a team learning and sharing communications, healings, and teachings of the ancient knowledge and wisdom helping us to navigate through this Great Shift of Consciousness.  All life is part of the Oneness and sacred.  We share messages about the true spirituality of love and respect for ourselves and others, and as planetary workers for Mother Earth/Goddess Gaia for the privilege to be here.  We offer information helpful to you at this time, and offer healing modalities for all four parts of your body - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - to help both you and the planet rise in consciousness.


I am fulfilling my lifelong passion of all things spiritual. For many years I have actively studied new healing modalities in addition to sharing wisdom and teachings from my own knowing.  I share messages from my higher self and other Beings of Light. In addition to learning new healing modalities I am also an ordained minister and a Certified Instructor in several trademarked healing modalities.

I have known since I was a young child that I was different.  Reincarnation was known to me even then, and I knew without doubt that we live many lifetimes. I spent my free time reading, watching media (Star Trek/Star Wars, anything space related) and researching whatever I could find pertaining to my personal spiritual beliefs.  As connected as I am to the Earth (flowers and gardening) I am equally connected to the Stars ("out there").


After retirement, little did I know how my life would take a turn when I connected with several spiritual mentors. Of course I now know it was all part of our spiritual blueprints we made prior to coming onto the Earth plane, and that we have spent many lifetimes together on and off planet. Learning about who I am and my journey has been and continues to be quite a ride.  What a journey of continuing lessons that once learned turn into experiences that age the soul. Many of us share a journey together in addition to our own personal journey.  I came at this time to be present for the Great Shift of Consciousness.

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It has been an honor to learn from incredibly gifted Spiritual Mentors and Healers whom I consider to be the finest on the Earth Plane. Find out more about them here.


Kahu Fred Sterling & Patti Athena Sterling

Kahu Fred Sterling is a master medium, a minister and a messenger—a shaman of Native American ancestry who walks between the third dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit. For more than 30 years, he has been the medium for the loving light and wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide.  As founder and senior minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a non-traditional spiritualist church, he shines his own love and light upon both a local congregation and a blossoming international community of lightworkers that reaches around the world via the Internet.

Patti Athena Sterling is a Signature Cell Healing teacher and personal healer to Kahu Fred Sterling.  She is also an amazing Goddess shining her diamond light for all.


Dr. Brie Gibbs

Dr. Brie is the exclusive medium for Master Guide Barriesh, from the 7th Dimension of the Guidance Realm.


Dr. Brie uses her ancient knowledge and wisdom from her lifetimes as a healer/teacher from Lemuria, the Elven World, numerous Extraterrestrial lifetimes, as well as many past lives on the Earth.  She works with Beings of Light on an ongoing basis to activate her memories of ancient healing modalities and information needed to work through this Great Shift of Consciousness and to assist you on your journey. 


Dr. Brie's work encompasses unconditional love. Because of her lifetime of study, many transformations, and traveling between worlds, she is able to weave the energies into thought patterns to share the information.